Tibetans prostrating in Lhasa

Seven Days in Tibet: Tech and Spirituality in the Roof of the world

On a recent trip to Tibet, Heyokha team had the opportunity to see how things are in one of China’s most remote and desolated areas. It turned out reality was quite different from what we were expec... Read More

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Indonesian agriculture data: is the incremental real?

Recently, both the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture and the Jakarta office of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported on corn production and harvested area. While the numbers always show so... Read More

blog picture - WNP2

A life lesson from a laundry lady

By Wuddy Warsono Okay, by now I had fully accepted that I would be spending Chinese New Year’s Eve alone, in my hospital room in New York. Since this was my first time doing so, I was tempted ... Read More


The Alchemy of Gold

Reading The New Case for Gold, we came across one very interesting chapter where the author James Rickards discussed a BBC interview with Andrea Sella, a professor of chemistry at University Colle... Read More

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Digital drugs and teens, lessons from remote areas

In our 1Q 2017 report, we discussed how tech companies design their products to activate pleasure centres in our brain so that we get hooked. Digital drugs, so to speak. While we worried about people... Read More

Feature image - farmer on bike

Job data signals improving conditions for Indonesian farmers

In our reports, we have been arguing that one area that’s less prone to digital disruption is the farming sector. In one of our key markets, Indonesia, the digital revolution has actually helped the... Read More

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The Mystery of Farmers' Term of Trade

According to the critics, a decline in terms of trade would indicate that farmers’ economic position is deteriorating and thus that the reform program is ineffective. While such conclusion might be... Read More


Let Farmers be The Judge

Are farmers in Indonesia a happy lot? In the past few years, Heyokha team has been traveling to many provinces in Indonesia to meet and talk to people from different walk of life. One group that re... Read More


Into The Wild

Jungle night trekking, from anxiety to serenity Mud-drenched clothes, legs covered by leeches, it didn’t seem to matter anymore after the darkness fell in the jungle. It was pitch black, and only w... Read More

The very adorable local kids cheering the runners

EMH, real life case

We recently attended the Maybank Bali Marathon and couldn’t help but noticing an interesting and recurring phenomenon. To the credit of the event organiser, a good number of portable toilets was ... Read More

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