Inflation, be careful with what you wish for

      “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” -Vladimir Lenin-     Yesterday, the market was surprised with higher-than-expected US’ April CPI inflation data of 4.2% YoY and 0.9% MoM, hitting 13-year high. This is far higher than the consensus of 3.6% YoY and 0.3% MoM. Moreover,. Read More

Groupwork not groupthink

Most of the world greatest investors such as Phillip Fisher, Warren Buffett, and Peter Lynch have stressed the importance of thinking independently and recommended investors to take a solitude path of their own. For example, Peter Lynch, ex-fund manager of Magellan Fund, once said “If no great book or symphony was ever written by committee,. Read More

Improve your investment outcomes by adopting a growth mindset

We are what we believe we are After decades of research, Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck discovered a simple but ground-breaking idea: the power of mindset. In her classic book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”, she showed how success can be dramatically influenced by how we think about our talents and abilities. Dweck summarised,. Read More

What nature tells us about investing in a turbulent environment

As we find ourselves at a critical juncture, where economic and political systems can be overturned, we turned to nature  for inspiration and learned what “species” of investors are most likely to thrive in this rapidly changing environment. Lessons from nature From: Essentials of Ecology, 5e, G. Tyler Millers and Scott E. Spoolman. (Brooks/Cole) Scientists. Read More

How to be a Superforecaster

What makes a better forecaster of future events? Well, if somebody can answer that question, it is Professor Philip Tetlock of the University of Pennsylvania. Tetlock co-created The Good Judgement Project (GJP) which participated in a forecasting tournament held by IARPA, a U.S. government organisation. IARPA supports research that has the potential to revolutionise intelligence. Read More

How Factfullness can help investors make better decisions

Most of us are surprisingly wrong about the world. We must have a correct world view in order to make a judgment about where the world is headed. Unfortunately, this is where most of us already go wrong. We are wrong! This, we found out while reading the eye-opening book Factfullness, in which author Hans. Read More

How Tech is Changing the Lives of Entrepreneurs

With the growing global internet penetration rate, the proliferation of smart devices, and the democratisation of knowledge, long-established barriers to business are lowering across industries around the globe. This is especially prevalent in developing markets, like Indonesia, where access to knowledge, skills, markets and funding have been limited. Let’s dive deeper into how this has. Read More

Why Entrepreneurship is key to Economic Growth, especially in Emerging Markets

Influenced by watching the tv-show Shark Tank every day, we have recently been writing a lot about “tech enabled” entrepreneurship and how we believe tech is lowering the barriers to doing business. However, we did not really substantiate the importance that entrepreneurship has. In this article we dig deeper. Academics see entrepreneurs as the innovators,. Read More

The Empowering Role of Ride-Hailing Companies in Developing Countries

The rise of ride-hailing applications has transformed the commuting habits of millions of citizens around the world. But its effects have been greater felt in developing countries where the amount of traffic has been increasing at an alarming rate; public transportation has become inefficient, inadequate, or too expensive; and populations continue to grow but public. Read More

Entrepreneurship unleashed: how Indonesia went from oligarchy to unicorn maker

There must be something in the water in Indonesia. Because in the span of just three years, the country managed to produce four unicorns – startups the have reached at least US $1 billion in valuation. Young people creating new businesses at scale is relatively new in Indonesia, as for decades, Indonesia’s formal economy was. Read More

About Reflection

Investment is a journey. Every now and then a milestone may be reached or a mistake made. We look back at our previous assumptions and look forward for new opportunities and risks. We reflect on what we have learned, how we have performed, what questions we have asked, and most importantly, what decisions we have made. Reflection discusses in detail these topics on an infrequent but regular basis.