One Plus One is Greater than Two: The Combined Values of AI and Blockchain

The democratization of AI is shaking up the way we think and work at an unprecedented pace. With tools like ChatGPT from OpenAI, generative AI is now as easy to use as a search engine, yet capable of generating a vast array of text content on demand. Over the last few months, an increasing number. Read More

Is AI Making Us Smarter or Dumber?

“Is artificial intelligence making us dumber?” This is a question that has been on many people’s minds as generative AI continues to grow in popularity. With its applications in fields such as music, art, and healthcare, AI is poised to change the world in exciting ways. But there are also concerns about its impact on. Read More

FTX: An Unbalanced Sheet

Last week may mark the worst week in history to date in the crypto industry. The downfall of FTX, which was considered as one of the biggest and most reputable players in the market, has stunned all crypto owners. What was discovered? Concerns for FTX’s liquidity spurred after the release of CoinDesk’s investigation on the. Read More

One Bad Bet Reveals the Hidden Threats

The aftermath of Luna and its stablecoin TerraUSD is no doubt more devastating than one would have imagined. The fallout reminded us about financial crises and how leverage could be a detrimental double-edged sword: while your investment return is maximised, so is your risk. In this aspect, DeFi is no difference than TradFi, but the. Read More

Following finance, arts and games, the telecommunications industry might be the next being transformed by blockchain.

As the world become increasingly reliant on the connection to the Internet to function, the current infrastructure such as cellular, Wifi, and Bluetooth coverage could be suboptimal, especially when many places today still do not have a reliable mobile network (if at all), let alone the high costs faced by users. According to a report. Read More

[Anchor Report] Web 3.0: Mega Cycle Investment

Throughout history, the world witnessed game changing and disruptive technologies, which when combined, could reshape industries and change the world completely. While these technologies raised the overall prosperity of societies, they nonetheless suffered from the inherent risk of exploitations which leads mistrust and discontent. With the emergence of the blockchain technology, we believe that it. Read More

The Unstable Stablecoin: What have we learnt from Terra’s collapse?

Stablecoins: /ˈsteɪblkɔɪn/ As the name implies, stablecoins always aim for one goal: stability. They bridge the gap between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies by letting crypto users to make transactions easily and quickly without needing to leave the digital asset ecosystem or rely on intermediaries whilst worrying about the value of their coins fluctuating. There are four. Read More

Blockchain in China – Catalyst to Unlock the Power of Data?

While China’s push in technology is hardly news, its rising tensions with the West have sped up their need to become less dependent on foreign technology. In its 14th Five-Year Plan on Digital Economy, China’s leaders emphasise, once again, their ambitions for the country to seize the leading position in the global technology race. The. Read More

Self-Sovereignty Wake Up Call

One of the wake-up calls during the still on-going Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is how the market witnessed the US and EU utilising the powerful tool of economic warfare by barring Russia from accessing its billions of foreign reserves (except using the reserves for energy payments.) As a result of this sanction imposed against Russia,. Read More

When Pro Gamers Join with Pro (Game) Earners

As the saying goes, time is money, inventors of play-to-earn games and esports have certainly taken note of it. One may consider that these two sectors in the gaming industry are the same in the way which both provide an opportunity for gamers to monetize their time spent on playing video games. This has led. Read More

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Reload is a process to empty some previously long-held beliefs and replace them with some new hypotheses. One should empty her occupied mind and reload it with new understandings of foundational socio-economic and technological changes. We believe those changes have started and will continue in the next few decades. We call such a new global regime of change Web 3.0. Inside Reload, we provide our thoughts and research on what, how, which, and why of Web 3.0. Our journey started in 2021 and has already been very fruitful.

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