Another gale of creative destruction

Web3 economy replaces the old and the new Creative destruction is an inevitable process. Web1 made browsing data available to the average person. Web2 turned interaction of people, transactions, and contents into businesses (social media, e-commerce, video streaming). Web3 adds the internet of money and the internet of identity. The economy, old and new today,. Read More

Blockchain and edge computing are bound to reverse the tech-driven centralisation trend

Tech entrepreneurship has led to a winner-takes-it-all game, centralising wealth and power The digitalisation of the 3Cs: Communication, Content, and Commerce has been the dominating force shaping the new ecosystem (new economy) for the last two decades and has also led to a concentration of power and wealth. This centralisation trend has led to an. Read More

About Reload

Reload is a process to empty some previously long-held beliefs and replace them with some new hypotheses. One should empty her occupied mind and reload it with new understandings of foundational socio-economic and technological changes. We believe those changes have started and will continue in the next few decades. We call such a new global regime of change Web 3.0. Inside Reload, we provide our thoughts and research on what, how, which, and why of Web 3.0. Our journey started in 2021 and has already been very fruitful.

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