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In this special report, we introduce digital assets, blockchain technology, and other technology (enablers) such as AI, cloud, IoT, and edge computing, which can bring us from the current Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. We discuss the possible market and business implications, concluding that these technologies may first and most disrupt the financial industry and can even disrupt today’s tech giants.

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Millennials sucker-punching hedge funds, cryptocurrency becoming a “safe haven”, and tech driving decentralisation: these developments would have sounded like science fiction only a year ago. In this report, we (try) approach these and other new trends with an open mind to see if they call for a change in conviction and action. But not after revisiting the concept of “growth mindset”, which we believe is key for investment success.

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This report covers the uneven impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it forces governments to tackle increasing poverty and inequality. In the U.S, the fiscal response is pretty similar to the 1930s New Deal in terms of relief and colossal infrastructure spending to accelerate economic recovery. With other countries also boosting their fiscal spending, the pandemic has become a catalyst for a global surge in infrastructure construction. We ponder how the New-Deal inspired policies will be rolled out and what the possible investment implications are.

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To obtain guidance in these tumultuous times, we study past inflationary periods and economic downturns in this report and identify possible investment implications. We also focus on how precious metals investments, both the commodity and equity, performed during such periods.

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In light of the outbreak of Covid-19, we turned to disaster research and learned that larger crises and disasters can be threshold events leading to meaningful change. To help our readers, we share how investors can be resilient in these stressful times. We also identify the COVID-19 pandemic induced accelerating adoption of modern monetary theory, which we feel could lead to high inflation. Finally, we make case for investing in gold during these times.

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This report covers the current status of artificial intelligence, which is gaining more prominence and triggering debates about whether AI will benefit humanity or mark its demise. We provide several cases on how narrow AI, the early stage of AI, is currently improving life in emerging markets.

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Investors are at a critical juncture where various issues are reaching the tipping point and could impact their investment outcomes. We discuss the advent of modern monetary theory (MMT) policy, rising unrest to reverse wealth inequality, high-velocity tech disruptions, the verge of deglobalisation, profound impacts of the upcoming demographic trends, and conflicting interest in environmental action. Faced with all vicissitudes, we also share our learning on how investors could regain control and thrive in a fast-changing world.

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We establish that the ongoing US-China trade war is part of a much larger geopolitical rivalry that can have profound consequences to the investment world. This could include a disruption of the flow of goods and capital, the de-pegging of the Chinese yuan, global inflation, and countries being forced to pick a side in this conflict. We see opportunities in Indonesia resulting from shifts in global supply chains and precious metals as a play on higher inflation in the coming years.

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This report covers our road trip in which we tried out Indonesia’s newly built trans Java toll road. Aside from reduced traveling time, we also noted other economic benefits of the new road, such as flourishing local shops and restaurants, improved product availability, booming ‘road trip’ hospitality, and much better movement of goods. Our observations convinced us that it is no longer the question if Indonesia is improving infrastructure, and are excited to see how President Jokowi will copy-paste the success stories across the country during his second term.

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